Ways to enjoy craft beer online

To start off my site, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite resources, including some great ways to buy craft beers online and share the adventure with friends.

Buy craft beer online

Buy Craft Beers Online – Stores and Clubs

Right up front, here are a few places where you can browse and select from a wide variety of styles and unique beers offered by online purveyors.

In addition to online stores, no blog post on this subject would be complete without talking about “Beer of the Month” type clubs. Most of these have the ability to buy craft beers online either on a scheduled basis or by ad hoc selection.  You can enter preferences or go with their recommendations.  Many stores can ship right to your door in any state, while clubs can be a great way to increase your repertoire and skill in evaluating beer as well a way to find new favorite(s).

Choose from one of these great clubs:


My father-in-law taught me never to drink unless you’re alone or with someone.

I love this app because you can have it both ways! The app has helped me keep track of my adventures in the world of craft beer, and earn bragging rights for my accomplishments.  It also has great reports so I can answer questions, like what’s the highest ABV you’ve ever had? Where did you find {name your beer}? I can even ask if there are any craft beers on my wish list available nearby – which is great when traveling!

Untappd’s database has an amazing array of unique craft beers – look for ones that not a lot of people have had. They have countless verified venues with their beer menus online. I’ve traveled the world and only found a few beers that weren’t already in their database.  My first was at a small restaurant in Graz, Austria that only served their beers in house.

Of course the whole thing is social. You can join groups of friends, review each other’s ratings and accomplishments, toast each other and comment.  It’s like taking your friends with you everywhere you enjoy beer!  I’ve used it for years and love the quirky nature of the badges.  It’s free and I recommend it to anyone getting started (or continuing) on their quest for great beer. https://untappd.com

Click to start drinking socially

Look for me via the app (papavector)

Untappd will offer you beer recommendations based on what you and your friends have been enjoying, so you’ll have no reason to not try something new!

Ready to start drinking socially?
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Gifts for Beer Enthusiasts

Also, Looking for that unique beer gift? Let’s face it, when a person loves beer, it shows and those around us want to know how they can tap into that enthusiasm on special occasions. As you’d imagine, they’re looking for ways to find unique beers or unique beer gifts that let a person know they care.

While not exactly the same as finding beer online, the key to enjoying great beer can start with the glass you use to serve it.  So, glassware can make a great gift for the budding enthusiast.  If you’re looking for glassware for a seasoned “beer snob”, you might want to have a conversation with them first to see what they’re looking for.

As far as finding resources online, you can pretty much find anything you might want on Amazon.  A quick search reveals  over 3,000 hits for unique beer glasses alone as well as 10,000+ ideas hits for unique beer gifts.  How can you beat that!?

Of course, enthusiasts will always appreciate the effort you take find us a unique beer – try the links in the previous section.  Even if it’s a “bad” selection, at least they can log a new unique beer on Untappd, and/or get a great story out of the deal!  As another thought, you can play the odds and give them a gift club membership (see above).

Beer Data for Nerds

When I was researching URLs for this site, I found that as one might expect, someone already had the URL “beerme.com”. Turns out it is a group of fellow computer nerds. If you love data, check this out: https://beerme.com.

They collect and share data about new beers, breweries, beer tasting and links to the latest news on our favorite topic – great beer!  You can find a guide for breweries and craft beer in just about every region of the world.

Local Bottle Shops

I know the title says “online”, but don’t forget your local bottle shops and clubs. There are rare treasures to be found and you’ll probably meet some interesting people in the process!  For example, I have many fond memories of time with friends at WineStyles – They have a great beer selection as well as wines and other libations!

Look for a WineStyles near you

Enjoy Craft Beer Online – Use Your Imagination

I’ve been told I have a gift for “Google Fu”, meaning I find things on the Internet quickly without a lot of fuss.  It seems natural to me, and I am thankful.  Through the information shared on this site, I hope to inspire others to join me in my quest for that next great beer and use the vast resources of the Internet in their journey.

To wrap up, there are plenty of online resources available to feed your own habit, drink socially and/or surprise that special beer enthusiast in your life.   While I’ve only scratched the surface, I hope you find these recommendations useful.

Mike S


  1. This is a very interesting niche to blog about! Nice’s choice. I cannot have beer due to being an epileptic (it does not mix well with my medication), but most of my family members are beer drinkers and they would love this! I especially like your list of Beer stores and clubs. That is very helpful. I genuinely never thought of Beer of the month clubs… that’s cool!

    Also, your little story about your website name was awesome. Who’d a thought there would be a website dedicated to collecting Data on beer??? That’s really neat.

    I am looking forward to more posts from you.
    Sincerely yours,

    • Darcy – thank you for the enthusiastic response. As you can see I’m just getting started, but it’s a subject I’m passionate about!

  2. I definetely have some cool ideas for beer lovers! (emmm yeap, that’s me!)
    Keep up the good work

    • The craft is going berserk over the last decade or so. So many new beers, so little time ;)…

  3. Such a great time to be alive if you enjoy beer, responsibly of course. I love all the varieties and different microbreweries out their now all creating unique craft beers. I try not to be a beer snob but after being exposed to all of these great beers its hard to drink Coors and Bud now. Great article thanks for all of the info.

    • I know what you mean, I try beers with an open mind and can enjoy many different styles.

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