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Looking for fun / addicting beer games you can play online for free? I was tinkering around with the idea of putting a “beer-hjong” game online and came across a free version of MahJong which allowed me to do just that. I have made it available here: https://thebeermesite.com/beergame/#start. I took the basic tiles and modified some of them to provide a beer theme. It was an interesting exercise. But convincing WordPress to display it was even more interesting. I think it took me longer to figure that out than it did to find the graphics.

Another form of free beer “game” is drinking socially at Untappd. Check out my beer year in review – 2018. Look me up (Mike S/papavector) and say you saw me at thebeermesite!

Cheers – Mike

I hope you enjoy the game!

Play beerhjong online

You can also find many interesting party and beer games at Amazon.

Mike S


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