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The Beer Me Site is focused on helping beer enthusiasts find that next, perfect brew.  For a special occasion or just “the weekend”, start here to find a sip (or a quaff) of liquid bliss.

Back Story

All of us have a story. I’m a computer nerd, a pilot, and a beer enthusiast. Computer nerds supposedly can’t relate and pilots are sometimes viewed as too “cocky” or arrogant to hang out with common folks. But it’s been my experience that most of us can relax and enjoy a good brew together regardless of where we come from or what our differences might be. Which brings us to the first problem – what exactly is a “good brew”? Quite simply – it’s the one you enjoy. It could be the one in your hand (because it’s there) or it could be the one in your fridge waiting for you to get home. It could be the one you remember because you enjoyed it with friends, or maybe the beer itself was rewarding and memorable. If you’re like me, each of those has a special place, but the next one, the one you haven’t tried yet – maybe the one that an artisan is brewing up right now to tempt our palate – is the one I’m most excited about, and why I created this site.

Beer – A Great Mediator

There’s enough division in the world, so rather than argue for one style over another or extol the virtues of what I like in beer (although you might find some of the latter here), I want to emphasize the unifying aspects of beer and help you explore the art form. Use the links on this site to access resources I’ve discovered and speed you on your journey.

This Is a Public (and Civil) Forum

The site is dedicated to the liquid art form known as beer – and its many cousins. The site exists to provide a forum to share experiences, find beers and swap tales no matter what your tastes. Consider it a Public House for information and interaction dedicated to the subject of beer. Please leave all verbal weapons, foul language, and ill manners at the door before you post here, AND ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Whether you’re looking for that perfect beer or to refine your palate, I hope you find the site informative, helpful and entertaining.


Feel free to leave comments below, and look for me on Untappd (papavector)

Mike S


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